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Our Core Focus

Our core focus is to reduce cost in operations, by improving people performance from the front line upwards. We provide expert collaboration and advice through needs analyses and first principal solution determination. Our methods and technology driven solutions reduce the cost of people development in the process of raising their productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness standards. We adopt a blended learning phased bottom-up approach, using custom developed digital and technology driven solutions. Our solutions are tested and robust; they solve real day challenges. Other services include customization of solutions, supply, implementation, training, and support: in part or as a turnkey solution. We partner with our clients; we are an extension not a replacement, therefore you can confidently rely on us for your business needs.

About Edutouch

For over 18 years, Edutouch has distilled insights from working closely with the mining, services, retail, and other industries, to develop technology driven solutions to reduce the cost of people development and to improve their performance from first line workforce upwards. Our solutions cater for the spectrum of workforce profiles (Baby boomer to Generation Z).  An integral element of our solutions is that it surmounts previously in habiting barriers, which opens new horizons for performance improvement. Companies globally are trending towards Workplace Learning and On-the-job training. Our solutions for these are adapted to harsh workplace conditions and deals with their complexities to achieve optimum performance improvement outcomes.

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