Covid-19 could be causing high absenteeism.

Don’t become a victim – prepare now.

Covid-19 could be causing high absenteeism.

Don’t become a victim – prepare now.

Solve Absenteeism

Solve Absenteeism

Prepare Now

Powerful digital technology learning stations speed up training, reduce preparation time and cost. Prepare now for potential high absenteeism in operations. Get production up and running fast, ensure that stand-in staff get it right and maintain compliance standards. Provide digital on the job training for stand-in’s at or close to their workstations, with refresher training available 24/7. 

The System

The system will supplement coaching and trainer capacity by providing digital task specific video instruction. Digital learning stations provide interactive, content specific to the task or role in bitesize sessions with corresponding tests (in the language of choice if required). Test results are returned immediately to ensure understanding before stand-in’s commence work.

The test results are authenticated for evidence that stand-ins understand and are prepared for the task/s assigned to them.

The system incorporates a powerful LMS with features to automate tracking and managing training records with a history of learning module. The curricula status of each employee is tracked and managed with every bite-size learning and test result completed. Global best training methods are used and is ideal for Classroom and OTJ training.


Clients can create their own content, or services to develop content can be provided. The system enables instant uploading and distribution of bite size workflows of content with tests to the workstations for learning and self-testing at the workplace.


The proposed system and OTJ methods are proven. Over 20 000 literate and illiterate employees successfully learned and test themselves across 4 500 remote sites. Our digital training systems can be implemented quickly and are easy to use.

Turnkey Services

We provide a turnkey or substitute services as circumstances dictate. This includes remote installation, commissioning and support. Software and hardware can be offered on a rental basis, T&C’s apply.

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