CEO’s, COO’s, GM’s, you can stop the Value Drain of your business.

We assist management to convert their vison and strategies into reality. We adopt a micro-focus bottom up approach and apply a destructive consulting policy to achieve optimal value add into your business, and thus ROI.

If management had the means to harness the potential of their people, they could recover substantial loses and reverse the value drain of their business, reduce costs and grow margins.

People across your organization are directly responsible for the value drain of the business. This would not be the case if every person in your business performed their tasks 100% according to best practice and time standards.

Every time a person fails to work according to best practice and time standards, it causes an element of loss. These losses relate to repeated non-compliance, low quality workmanship, low productivity, waste generation etc. The micro losses caused by each person, month after month cumulatively add up to substantial losses. There are significant opportunities to recover the multiple micro losses caused every day.

South Africa has the lowest productivity worldwide, therefore costs of production are substantially higher than global standards. Productivity levels of most businesses in SA have been on the decline for decades. This places and urgency on management to reverse this trend.

The key causes for the declining productivity in South Africa relate to workplace complexities like; victimization, lack of critical skills and expertise, complex labour laws, government interference, the past legacy, union influence, etc.

It is obvious that conventional methods have failed to address the workplace complexities which are primary causes of declining productivity, loss of critical skills and rising costs.

The various management’s tiers, including supervisors, are struggling or failing to cope with their current workload. They do not have the capacity to implement meaningful change for improvement and to sustain.

The above leads to low productivity, difficulty in maintaining regulatory compliances, sub-standard quality workmanship, leading to high costs of production. These collectively will continue to place pressure on margins and reduce global competitiveness.

So how can managements predicament in SA be reversed? Solutions are required to solve the root causes of workplace complexities referred to above. Unless management can find ways to address these complexities, they will continue to suffer unnecessary losses and profit drain in their business.

It must be evident by now that conventional methods have failed to reverse low productivity and sub-standard compliance trends. Change is required, new methods and technology must be the only alternative.

Our purpose is to help management recover the value drain elements of their operations caused through people. We do this faster and less costly than conventional methods.

Our new digitised technology adopts new methods, to replace failing conventional methods.
We provide management with the know-how, methods, digital systems and tools to minimise the value drain, improve productivity and regulatory compliances.

Our interventions enable management to track, manage, sustain and continuously improve the efficiencies of their operations. Our key focus is to get people to do what they are employed to do. Our interventions collectively reduce costs, improve throughput, safety standards of workmanship, and reduce waste.

In addition to the many benefits mentioned, other indirect benefits include;

  • Reduced training costs; we create capacity for Managers by freeing up their time enabling them to improve their resource utilization, productivity and efficiencies in operations.
  • We technologically enable supervisors to be effective team managers, leaders and coaches and to raise critical skills levels to higher standards. Collectively supervisors can improve their team’s productivity, compliance and safety adherence. A significant function of the technology enablement and methodology is to achieve behaviour and culture change to achieve greater and sustained levels of performance. Behaviour change is an essential ingredient for sustainability, and continuous improvement.
  • All systems are digitised, with management push, pull automated capabilities to automate many of the manual tracking and management related functions eliminating paper trails. These enable management to be effective in compliance management and inspections.
  • Training costs are significantly reduced due to our best practice digitised OTJ training methods.
    Our inhouse professional services and interventions are turnkey. This means, less cost, greater effectiveness and no conflict between multiple service providers.
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