Businesses must find solutions to reverse their ever declining vortex towards failure. Management is struggling to cope, overburdened with responsibilities and workload compounded by a lack of skills and expertise. Their challenge is to improve workforce productivity, lower production costs as wage demands and general costs escalate.

Available capital required for growth and development as well as sustaining the businesses infrastructure is shrinking. Time is running out. The collective impact makes it difficult if not impossible for businesses to course correct.

Corrective measures, plans and strategies are failing to improve productivity and lower costs of production required to generate profits for a turnaround. In many cases, these interventions fail at the implementation stage, or if successful, fail to sustain shortly after.

As corrective measures fail, inefficiencies, bad practices and variances escalate while costs of production and waste continue to increase.

Management must find alternate solutions to the current methods which are failing. Also, businesses must introduce alternative interventions to those used today, if there is any hope of optimising their workforce. Ingredients required to accomplish this include:

  • Raise the overall skills and competence of their workforce while simultaneously overcoming their capital restraints necessary to achieve this.
  • Their ability to correct behaviour where non-compliances and work variances occur due to poor workforce practices and attitudes.
  • Re capacitate managers and their immediate line managers where they can become focused and perform their essential roles efficiently.
  • Enable first-line supervisors to fulfil their vital functions.
  • Implement the necessary plans and strategies required to reduce costs of production and improve productivity successfully on a sustainable basis.

Achieving the above requirements appears to be insurmountable. Typical challenges essential for management to succeed in resolving problems raised, they require capital and available resources, without which implementation becomes almost impossible. Most businesses do not have the skills, management capacity, finance and time to achieve this.

The challenges and complex working environments associated with finding and then implementing alternate solutions are substantial in many cases perceived to be insurmountable.

Most businesses do not have the skills, capital, management capacity, and time to achieve this.

The above challenges can be resolved by adopting a new approach to behaviour correction, skills development and training. Powerful management systems and control are integrated to ensure continuous improvement.

Unique embedded technology adopts a new approach to training and skills development. It will continuously raise skills and expertise. The interventions are self-funding. Significant cost savings will accrue within 12 weeks of implementation.

The systems and technology incorporate the skills development, management and implementation process.

Roll out is fast and efficient requiring minimal time from management. Workforce optimisation will continue to improve. Behaviour correction will grow the corporate culture progressively to higher levels of unity, efficiency and productivity.


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