What it does

Continuously evaluate, train / coach staff from a robust “mine rated” tablet which include: Unit Standards, SOP’s, COP’s, Rules, and Regulations – all customisable to Site Specific requirements.

  1. Content and assessments are automatically linked to employee bio-detail and occupations.
  2. Real-time reports / status provided electronically on employee status and training progress.
  3. Coach and train employees applying best practice  continuous evaluation and assessment methods
  4. Comprehensive Moderator application with multiple features and features included.

How it will help you – the benefits

 Eliminate paper trails, proven paper savings of up to R 100 000 saved per month on one mine.

  • Proven time and resource saving – Staff assessed per day per assessor increased from 2 assessments per day to 6 per day with 100 % accuracy and no human errors. 100% authenticity.
  • Staff are trained / evaluated / assessed continuously with minimal administration work. The solution automates most manual administrative processes.
  • Quality of work, Safety, Skills etc. is continuously improved.

Reduce Section 54 mine closure occurrences and most important reduce potential injuries and fatalities.

  • Minimal production time lost – Assessments and training is conducted at or close to the work place thus overcoming problems of relieving staff from production.

 Other features and Benefits  

  • Training and assessments in Small bite sizes accelerates job execution improvements at all levels – Coach and train on the same device used for continuous evaluations and assessments.
  • Minimising human error in the workplace – Automatically guides users to ensure procedures are adhered to.
  • Train to need based off non-compliance as it is identified. Coaching / training takes place immediately. Competency levels monitored automatically.
  • Suitable for MQA or Non-registered MQA member.
  • Ensure legit assessments by Contractor assessors.
  • Generic Unit Standards, Assessment- and Learning Guides pre-loaded –Get going immediately.
  • Guaranteed authentication for assessor and trainee – Digital signature, OR other bullet proof authentication features.
  • Editable for own Site Specific content, updating and management.
  • Add and update learning content per assessment criteria – Coach and train in digestible small chunks of learning material with focused attention and retention.
  • Reduce Not Yet Competent occurrences.
  • User friendly with easy navigation and filtering processes to enable fast access to occupations, employee bio details and content.
  • Detailed reports with drill down and navigation functions to quickly locate summarised reports with details if required.
  • Assessment, coaching and training standards improved and sustained while enabling constant safety and job execution improvements.

What you need to get going?

  • Personal Computer to host the Edutouch Tablet Administration Application.
  • An administrator.
  • Microsoft Excel with employee bio data and occupations.
  • Link to your ERP for bio data and occupations
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