Lack of skills, workforce attitudinal issues, rising costs, lack of time and stretched resources – these are common challenges businesses face in our already challenging South African economy. An all-encompassing, proactive approach is necessary to turn businesses around and ensure a sustainable future. Edutouch Solutions has pioneered the way forward with a comprehensive system and technology that will accomplish the requirements and mitigate challenges arising in the SA labour environment. We do this through powerful technology and proven methodologies that address core issues businesses are facing. Our solution successfully introduces change management that results in sustainable upskilling of employees and managers, permanent behaviour change for a motivated, skilled workforce, reduction of costs and increased margins.

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Operational costs have escalated, and worker productivity and efficiencies have declined because the harsh reality is that current training methods have failed to achieve the critical mass in skills and expertise of your workforce and immediate supervisors. Without skills and expertise, it is impossible to reach the levels of efficiency, productivity and safe working practices businesses require.

The cost to up-scale training resources to achieve critical mass is prohibitive. In many cases, management does not have the luxury of time, especially given the challenging economic circumstances, global competition and fluctuations in demand or commodity prices.

Achieving the critical mass of skills is not the only challenge. Assuming critical mass is accomplished, you then need a cooperative and productive workforce to apply their skills in a meaningful and efficient manner with sustainability into the future.

The ability to change behaviour and attitude, therefore, becomes an essential ingredient. Your line management will only accomplish this if supervisors have the necessary skills, knowledge and know-how to discipline and behaviour correct.  Management will fail to behaviour correct unless their staff has the ability and skills to discipline fairly and efficiently, where minimal misunderstanding occurs and conflict is circumvented.

Behaviour correction and disciplinary action require training and coaching of candidates who have aptitude and ability. The problem is that the time and cost to train is yet again prohibitive.

Influenced by culture, our past political dispensation and organised labour – behaviour of the South African workforce are deeply entrenched. Government regulatory and labour laws compound the challenges of line management to change behaviour and attitudinal issues.

Edutouch understands these difficulties, barriers and complexities. The above problems will not be solved unless management has the required tools, methods and strategies implemented on all levels. Current day circumstances show that in most businesses, management is extended beyond capacity. Management problems will not be solved no matter how sophisticated their systems are because they merely record the events, after which solutions are sought. These inevitably fail at implementation phase. The goal here should be to proactively free up your managers. Edu-touch offers proven solutions to achieve just this.

As an example: The problem of an under-skilled and undisciplined workforce is that they consume unnecessary management time to deal with variances caused through non-conformance and compliances of Best Practices, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Customer Orientated Processes (COPs).

Cumbersome time-consuming tasks distract management, like those required to deal with the myriad of problems arising from an unskilled and undisciplined workforce. These are applicable to safety, production,

The collective impact on business due to loss of skills and negative workforce behaviour is substantial.  It is impossible to mobilise and optimise a workforce without resolving the two essential ingredients of skills and behaviour.

Proactive management strategies, technological tools and solutions, incorporating all of the above are essential if management wishes to cut production costs and improve safety and production.

The Solution

Edutouch has developed innovative robust, proven and technological enabling solutions to provide businesses with a practical, affordable and sustainable solution to achieve skills critical mass, behaviour correction and discipline.

Our interventions require minimal management and line management time. As a team, we provide the consultation, technologies, systems and services to give you everything you need. Above all, our solutions are sustainable and become a critical asset to your organisation.

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