Traditional on-the-job training methods can leave many employees feeling frustrated, bored and uninspired. On-the-job coaching is slow, expensive and dependent on the coaches’ ability, while on-the-job learning sees learners ‘cramming’ in curricula with less-than-desired results.  In both cases retention is low, practical application is poor and efficiency remains unchanged.

With technology-driven ‘next generation’ learning methods – training doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t be, this way anymore. Frontrunners in learner-centred training methods – Edutouch – have developed a scalable ‘streaming’ method of learning which solves the shortfalls of both types of traditional training. Their technology-enabling methods deliver to each learner personalised content that meets them where they are. Employees effectively receive on the job refresher training and learning which is task-specific and delivered in a powerful instructional video format pitched at the appropriate level of competency and engagement.

Whatever the form of your current training content, businesses can now use our platforms to digitally transform content into next-generation adaptive training courses. From leadership skills and sales training to compliance and certification, we harness the power of technology to create instructional, illustrative and interactive courses that reduce training time, increase proficiency rates and unlock employee performance. And the power of our technology doesn’t end there – we measure learner performance through a powerful data layer which sees that progress and learning is tracked through real-time testing and reporting.

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