General managers, can you reduce costs, improve throughput, and stop the value drain of your business? It starts with your people!

In most cases, businesses have run out of options to cut costs. There is a significant opportunity to recover the value drain losses occurring in businesses which are generally overlooked.

Productivity levels in South Africa compared to global standards have been on the decline for decades. This consistent decline is caused largely through government interference, the past legacy, workplace complexities; complex labour laws, union influence, victimization, lack of critical skills and expertise, etc.

Global and local economic recovery has caused substantial cuts in human resources. Managers and their downstream supervisors are over extended. In many cases they are not coping and failing to sustain the current levels of safety, compliance and productivity. Under these circumstances, it is almost impossible to implement and manage change for improvement.

Businesses in this position are destined to flounder.

The question is how can this predicament be reversed? Our interventions remove the causes resulting in the divide between management and its supervisory staff downwards. Supervisor enablement through technology forms a critical element to this process. We focus on operational staff, and their immediate supervisors. Businesses who are more fortunate to be mechanized and who have automation, remain dependent on their people.

People across the organization are directly responsible for the value drain of the business. There are significant opportunities to reverse the value drain into value gain; That is, if you have the means to harness the potential of your people. Our promise to you, is that we will help you to recover the value drain elements of your operations caused through people fast. Mangers will improve their resource utilization, productivity and efficiencies in operations using our new methods and technology. We

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