Practical Assessment – What our Tablet application can do for you!

Pre-Assessment Meeting – Electronic capturing of meeting outcomes between assessor and candidate.
Formative Assessment – Continuous assessment of candidates by the assessor.
Summative Assesment – Legal competency outcome of competent or not yet competent according to MQA standards for each candidate.
Assesment Guidance – All associated reference material related to a unit standard and outcome is immediately available on the tablet to the assessor for guidance of the practical assessment process and criteria used.
On-The-Job learning and coaching – Unit standards and site specific training material on the Tablet can be used by supervisors and trainers to refresh and test employee understading and workplace skills.
On-and offsite moderation – The Tablet can be used to interview candidates and assessors on-site or offsite.

How our tablet application helps you manage your practical assessments

Integration into ERP – Seemless integration into ERP systems such as SAP and VIP, allows the use of applicable employee bio-data when using the tablet solution.
Automated Matrix – Unit standards, and site specific assessment material can be associated to each occupation to ensure automated compliance tracking.
Create Assessments – Both formative and summative assessments can be created by the administrator with associated outcomes and assesment criteria. Formative assessments can be customised to include site specific assessment criteria.
Upload Assessment guides and learning material – These can be uploaded and associated per assessment cirteria judgement.
Manage the pool of assessors and moderators – The administrator can add or delete assessors and moderators based on their MQA status.
Moderator Interviews – Questions and answers can be created for use by moderators during the candidate interview and overall assessment observations.
DMR Reporting – All results and interventions are recorded in a DMR audit ready format to proove competency and assessment process outcomes.

The benefits of using our tablet solution in the workplace

Multi-usability and functionality – One tablet can be used by many mining officials to perform assessments, moderations and coaching interventions and up-skilling for process improvement
Eliminate Paperwork – All your assessment paperwork is replaced with electronic form templates and management fucntionality.
Avoid duplication – Once competent, always competent when doing summative assessments. Intelligent tracking of judgements to avoid wasting time.
Authentication – All signatures are captured electronically once all processes fully completed, ensuring DMR audit readiness.
Quality of learning – By making use of the formative assessment process, candidates will be well prepared for the summative assesment in the workplace.
Quality of Assessments – The tablet solution ensures the assessment process is followed step-by-step to avoid potential user errors and redo of work.
User Friendly – It is easy for assessors to move from traditional paperwork to the tablet, as it functions identical to a smartphone. The applications were developed with the end user in mind.
Intimidation Free – Candidates feel more comfortable being assessed making use of a tablet. The old paper, pen and clipboard environment simulate policing and makes the assessments less friendly. The tablet solution now drives the process, no longer the human factor.

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