“Most CEO’s are challenged to recover costs which occur through human inefficiencies and behaviour”.

Here’s the problem

Productivity trends in SA have remained static or even declined despite mechanization and technology advancements. This may suggest that human performance plays a huge role in accomplishing higher productivity and safety standards. Businesses are dependent on their people to realise the full benefits of technology and mechanization. Productivity in SA is challenged because of unique workplace complexities; complex labour laws, organised labour, difficulties in behaviour correction, IR activity, our past dispensation, and victimisation. Work place challenges have caused SA business to revise productivity standards which are evident, when compared to the rapidly growing gap of advancing global productivity standards.

Our conventional methods thus far have failed to keep up with global trends even though mechanization and technology advancements have been implemented.  This suggests that there are substantial gains to be achieved from people performance and their productivity.

What does this mean?

Significant losses occur in every instant where employees fail to work according to best practices, within time standards or inefficiencies. These losses accrue due to people errors, lack of knowledge, failure to work according to compliance regulations, negative attitudes, ineffective workshop practices, etc.  Often, the knock-on effect of each occurrence costs significantly more than the losses caused through the initial variance or non-conformance.

The losses described above all relate to the challenges in the workplace referred to attitudes, behaviour, and lack of skills with sub standards of supervision.

How do we overcome these problems which are generally perceived to be insurmountable?


Find alternate methods to those of the conventional methods which are failing. These methods should overcome the capacity restraints, prohibitive cost, and the time required to train and develop people resources to the degree where their standards of performance attain those globally

After 8 years of R&D and proven technology application, the solution we offer overcomes these problems and delivers the following benefits.

  • Increased margins
  • Reducing the cost of inefficiency, waste, non-compliance, rework, non-conformance, poor quality work and service.
  • Streamlined and automated process with digitised real-time reports for excellent management tracking and control.
  • Improved standardisation, compliance, digital automation and control.
  • Freeing up management time / elimination of fire-fighting and ‘non-value add’ time.
  • Enhanced operational and supervisory skills and expertise with corporate knowledge and skills repository.
  • New skills development and learning methods with on-site on-the-job digital platforms. (reducing time and costs of training significantly whilst improving outcomes)
  • Assured successful implementation and sustained results.


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