Keep your staff and visitors #Covid19safe

Online COVID-19 staff and visitor compliance-training and testing

Automated digital visitation and management system

Keep your staff and visitors #Covid19safe

Online covid-19 staff and visitor compliance-training and testing

Automated digital visitation
and management system

COVID-19 Security Management
and Training System

COVID-19 Security Management
and Training System

Why is it important?

Every employer has the obligation to minimise the spread of COVID19 infections.

Threats of transferring the virus can be minimised if staff and visitors are fully informed about managements compliant requirements and that these are adhered to and enforced. The areas applicable include all entry points for visitors, contractors, goods receiving and despatch. Enforce managing and controlling company compliance requirements can become costly. Our aim is to provide management with a digital solution that solves the above challenges and associated cost.

Social distancing is an important obligation and must be controlled by management into the future.


Online Inductions

The digital system proposed equips visitors with the knowledge and understanding of compliance requirements and application of adherence. This means visitors must do an induction training and test session before entering the premises.

Online Security Management

Management require a cost-effective security system with induction training and management of compliance adherence system that assures management visitors and staff are protected according to company directives.

Full System

Implementing both the online security management and the induction training system your organisation will minimise anticipated costs and solve the challenges identified above.

Online Inductions

Whilst the lockdown has curbed the spread of the virus, business needs to continue, with stringent measures in place to ensure the safety of staff as well as that of visitors and contractors.

Have you thought of the time and cost-saving by enabling contractors and visitors to do their gate inductions from their own offices or homes?

Every employer must minimise the spread of COVID-19, by minimising the threat of infection is still very real. We support your important role to keep people safe by providing the perfect digital and online solutions.

Social distancing is an important obligation and must be enforced for some time. The real question is, how can crowding be avoided when people arrive for gate inductions?

One of the ways to comply is to move your inductions and compulsory COVID-19 training away from your site and making it available online for people to complete before they arrive.

Contractors and visitors are often frustrated by significant time delays caused by the peak and ebb of visitor flows. The digital online gate inductions solve these problems and minimise work overload of security officials at the

Converting from the current methods to online you will:

  • Reduce visitor frustration and lost time significantly
  • Manage and control the arrivals and time to avoid peak and ebb visitor and contractor flows. Biometric or ID numbers provide for fast verification and induction tests and results as visitors arrive.
  • Adhere to governments social distancing and crowd size directives
  • Process visitors fast and effectively whilst reducing the number of resources and time needed to get this done.

How does it work?

  • Notify contractors and visitors ahead of time that they must do their inductions and provide them with scheduled times and dates to report to the security gate for fast and efficient entry.
  • Security can identify the person entering and confirm successful completion of the induction training and tests with the click of a button – Security can verify results, and print declaration and visitors’ cards for entry into the mine fast and effectively.
  • You can track and manage your contractors, visitors’ and permanent staff inductions separately.

It is an online facility to do the induction and COVID-19 training.

Galaxy II Server

It holds the databases of information and results of staff, contractors and visitors.


It allows you to add contractors and visitors to the system for training and induction.

Galaxy II Admin

It is the platform where you can build your content and training material with Q&A’s.


It is the reporting facility to view individual and group reports of all inductions and training completed.

Online Security Management

  • Fast and efficient visitation authorization. Streamlines and manages processes required when obtaining visitation clearances and authorizations.
  • Visitors visitation dates and times are approved on-line.
  • COVID 19 Induction training, and test procedures (plus any other induction training requirements) completed online from home or office.
  • Authentication and validation processes are manged digitally ensuring effective authentication and management control.
  • Validating, and authorising entrance.
  • Managing expiry dates of entrance certificates.

The Benefits

  • Minimise frustration, loss of time and costs when delays at the security gate occurs causing lost time and cost incurred by Contractors and visitors.
  • Minimise potential crowding at gates and minimise control of social distancing. Avoid peek and ebb flows of visitor arrivals, by managing arrival times.
  • Process visitors fast and effectively.
  • Adhere to governments social distancing and crowd size directives.

How It Works

  • Visitors apply for visitation rights by registering and creating login credentials.
  • Visitor stipulates preferred dates and times with estimate duration of visitation time required.
  • Company provides alternate dates and times if those requested are not available.
  • Visitor confirms visitation dates and time.
  • Company confirms visitation date and time – A digital diary provides security with real-time status of visitations for scheduling visitation requests.
  • Contractors / visitors complete the required training and tests successfully on-line.
  • Company receives results and submits a digitised Authorised Visitor’s Invitation.
  • Visitor arrives at site on the stipulated date and time and presents the digital or printed Authorised Visitor’s Invitation.
  • Security will authenticate the visitors ID according to company protocol (biometric or other).
  • Security confirm:
    • Visitors ID, invitation, time the date.
    • The expiry period of the Authorised Visitor’s Invitation.
  • Visitor is allowed access.
  • Visitors not checking out before the expiry of the Authorised Visitor’s Invitation, they will be dealt with according to company policy.

Integration with time and attendance systems is possible.

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